New Media has a place. Online advertising has a place. But in the ever-growing, distracting, “we can’t buy your attention” world, we’re seeing better creative. Some how we can not only get someones attention (even briefly), but then also start a “conversation” with them. In the end, it’s all about starting a conversation with your customers/brands. All ads try to facilitate that conversation. Sometimes, it works.

Sometimes it doesn’t. Apparently I have a virus on my Mac and the nice banner ad tells me so. Luckily, I know better – but not everyone does. I prefer the honest and funny ones – not those that attempt to strike fear in me, or offer me free stuff. Nothing is ever really free, and I’m not going to sign up for XYZ, tell 12 friends, give my Social Security number out, spit in a cup and spin around three times just so I can “win the chance” to win something. My time is more important. Those are the ones that don’t work – and I wish wouldn’t ever work because it isn’t a brand message or anything related to vision. It’s just someone trying to get you to click, so that the company who made your Flash banner can say “see? it works! 892,384,923,049,302 clicked on that ad and saw that your company was associated with giving away crap that no one wants”

If you want to succeed, engage your customers, entertain your customers. Don’t just try to make them see you without any meaning behind the message.Where have you seen good ads online? What company has the best website?



It takes a second, but then you get it. When you do, you keep paying attention to the ad, rather than what you were trying to read.


Understanding Insurance

Quick and easy message, with the movement it draws you in. You immediately don’t care what it’s about, and that’s the point.


Lotus Collaborates

This one is my favorite, but I’m not a fan of Lotus Notes. At all. But, that this interactive banner is actually interactive is pretty cool. Especially when you see that over 180,000 people actually interacted with it – not just saw it.

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