Save Some Money. Don’t Hire IT.

Don’t buy Managed IT Services.

That’s right. You heard me.

Sure, you can get someone to monitor each workstation for a fairly inexpensive amount per month. But that’s all they’re doing. Monitoring for issues, not solving problems before they come up. There is no vision when it’s $9 a month, per desktop.

It’s not about having someone install patches, or reset email passwords. That’s not what a good IT group does – either internal, or external.

A good IT group focuses on building efficiencies within the system, and a future growth plan. A good IT group helps design and develop communications platforms for their teams and focus on solving problems, not applying band-aids.

How much more efficient would you be if your meetings weren’t lectures, but participatory conversations? Did you ever see Seth Godin’s blog post about how to beat meetings (iPad killer app #2: fixing meetings)? It’s worth a read and might provide you some insight as to what life could be like.

IT people are smart and talented. Unfortunately, most only get to be smart and their talents never get to be shown off. I dare you to ask one of yours the following:

Using technology, how could this office run better?

They might just surprise you. And if they don’t, they’re merely a technician. There’s nothing wrong with a technician. They fix things I don’t know how to. But as with all roles, someone who does more and wants more, can do more.

Historically, every organization I’ve ever worked for, or been in contact with, has two desires from their employees. Better communication, and better training. Better communication is something where technology can really shine (and training to follow).

An IT groups customer is their fellow employees. A successful group knows this, and helps their peers be successful by utilizing technology appropriately.

If you choose to invest in IT services, pull someone in who can do something more. Find a group that can help you build your future, not maintain the status quo.

I am lucky. I work for one of those groups. I work for a group dedicated to making businesses run better, not just sell crap.

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