Ousted and Onward

So a gigantic data breach causes another high level executive (in fact, some say the highest level) to get ousted from Target.

I’m not saying that it isn’t the adequate response. I don’t care about that. I also don’t care what his parachute color was. He did his job, he lost it, and he’s probably going to have a hard time finding another job.

What I do care about is moving onward.

Onward is an interesting word for me, as it has some special meaning. If you dare go back three years (almost exactly), you’ll see why with this post.

In that spirit, there’s my other post about JC Penney.

Ron Johnson. Onward. Target. You do the math.

I’m not on the board. I’m not a stockholder. I have no connection with Target whatsoever. But if I could, I’d yell at them to take back Ron Johnson, but this time as CEO. He was hired away from Target long ago to start Apple Retail. He left because he wouldn’t be the CEO of Apple – at least as far as can be assumed. He went on to JC Penney where he was fired because JC Penney had no idea what he was trying to do. JC Penney was (and is) stuck in their old mindset and don’t want to alienate their current customer base, even though their future customer base would be far more valuable. Idiots.

Who knows if Ron even wants a job. But I will tell you this. When at Apple, he provided a great amount of motivation and vision. He made retail feel like Apple employees. And, with a gigantic retailer where you want to make sure that your employees actually give a shit, that’s huge.

Odds of it happening? Probably slim.

As a Target shopper, that’s sad.


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