An Ad for Google AdWords Advertising Program

Yes. That’s a lot of ads. No, I’m not going for SEO here, I just wanted to post about a banner ad I actually clicked on.

That’s right, I clicked on one.

We’ll get to the debate about what an impression really is in another post (and why Clicks aren’t the Gold Standard of metrics), but first, a link from the Google:

Duh. If it’s engaging, it does better.

What is really curious is Google’s own campaign about AdWords. It’s not some fancy shiny piece of graphic that pulls you in – but it does pull you in, if you are the target. I was on Mashable, reading about best practices for upgrading to Lion- I’ve been working in the Apple world for seven years, but it’s always good to see what people say. On the right hand side, there was a banner ad that asked which button I thought would do better:

Clever. What was better though? When I clicked, it didn’t just bring me to Google’s page. Sweet. It brought me to a results page that was geographically diverse:

It was actually intriguing. But then again, I am a pretty big nerd when it comes to this stuff. ¬†What I loved was that it didn’t make me leave the page – until I wanted to. Which is how I got to the link listed above.

Well played Google, well played.

Now where’s my Google+ invite?